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5 Apps to Help You In The Outdoors

Smartphone Outdoors
Smartphone Outdoors

Being in the great outdoors can be a lot of fun.  From camping to hiking, there is so much to do while you get away from it all!  However, these days camping is more about how smartphone applications can help enhance the experience.  From finding the best trails to making sure you know where you are going, there are plenty of options from which to choose.  Below is a review of a small handful of helpful apps.


This app is very simple, yet essential.  If you are following a map or hiking in the forest, you will need this to help you find your way.  The app is what it says: a compass.  It is large, shows your direction on the screen, and tells you how many degrees you are pointing in that direction.  Never got lost with the Compass app!

Map My Walk

Yes, this is a fitness app, but it is suitable for an outdoor adventure. This app lets you keep track of where you walk or hike.  It tells you the distance and will let you log the activity.  In addition, the application shows a map of where you walked using your phone’s GPS feature.  This way you can know which trails you took, how long it took to walk them, and how active you were.  Never walk the same trail twice with Map My Walk.

Camp and RV

This app is great for those looking for campgrounds.  The app is tailored for RV travelers and non-RV travelers as well.  It tells you about the grounds, including parking, fuel, rest areas and repairs.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The app also shows a map of the location of campgrounds, their amenities, and images of them.  And the best part is that the app works offline.  So, if you’ are really out in the middle of nowhere, this app is for you.


Even though most smartphones come with a flashlight, this is still a great one to have because of the one feature most phone flashlights lack: a compass.  Yes, this comes with a compass.  That way, if you are caught in the dark or trying to find your way in the middle of the night, you have a bright light and compass to help you get to your location safely.

Trail Link

This application is by the Rails to Trails Conservatory.  It helps you find over 30,000 trails that were once rail lines.  The app lets you find trails, driving directions, restrooms, and amenities, and it maps your location and has downloadable trail maps to use offline.  It is the all-inclusive app to find and explore rails that are now trails anywhere in the USA.


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