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Best Zip Line Adventures in the United States

Zipline Adventures
Zipline Adventures

If you are stressed from your daily routine and mechanical lifestyle, you might want to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air to relieve your stress. Zip lining is a thrilling outdoor activity for relieving your stress and enjoying the nature from a unique perspective. Zip lines have been around for many decades, and are still being used for transportation purposes in many mountainous areas. However, zip lines have emerged to become a tourist attraction, nowadays, especially in the U.S., the land of the free. Zip lining combines the high adrenaline rush of riding over the forests and through mountains, at a gravity-fueled velocity.

Zip line tours have become highly popular in USA over the recent years. Zip line tours are savored by bold and adventure-seeking people as an ultimate thrilling ride. Moreover, zip line tours have become an exhilarating method of sightseeing. It is a truly hair-raising experience when you are going over a valley in a mountainous area, hundreds of feet above the ground holding on to a pulley that rolls freely over a steel cable. A zip line tour is a high-adrenaline adventure that you are going to remember for the rest of your life. A zip line tour may seem quite scary beforehand; however, once you go for it, you will realize that it was truly worth it. Moreover, a zip line tour is the ultimate approach for sightseeing and taking in some fresh air that is quite beneficial for your body, as well as your soul. Going on a zip line tour will boost your self-esteem and confidence, and help you opt for more similar activities that you are afraid to go for. So, it’s time to get out there and go for a zip line tour!

There are numerous zip line courses in the United States, and many courses are under development, currently. There is a good chance that you might find a zip line course within driving distance from your home. However, there are certain factors to look into before going on a zip line tour — safety, assurance, and reliability. There are a lot of zip line courses all over the United States, but only some of them are actually safe and reliable enough to be considered. Here, we will list some of the best zip line tours in the United States, which are worth visiting for an adrenaline-filled adventure.

Historic Banning Mills Zip Line Tours

Located in Georgia at 45 minutes of driving distance from Atlanta, the zip line tours offered by Historic Banning Mills are very reliable and stable. Historic Banning Mills offer 5 levels of canopy zip line tours. The minimum age of level 1 tour is 8 years, while the next 3 levels are suitable for kids age 10 and older. The level 5 zip line course is recommended for older individuals and takes a whole day to go through. The screaming eagle tour at Historic Banning Mills is one of the largest and longest zip line canopy tours all over the world. Moreover, the zip line tours at the Historic Banning Mills integrate a closed belay system till the end, making it one of the safest zip line courses in the United States. The zip line courses at Historic Banning Mills are one of the best zip line courses at the United States. The price of the 5 different levels ranges from $49 to $149 per person.

Zip Line Tour by Soaring Tree Top Adventures

Soaring Tree Top Adventures Zip Line is located in the valley of San Juan Mountains in Durango, Colorado. It is located on 180 acres of land in the beautiful valley surrounded by San Juan Mountains. It can be accessed through Durango & Silverton railroad, and the visitors are to take the Durango train to access the Colorado Zip lines by Soaring Tree Top Adventures for enjoying this unique zip lining experience in the gorgeous mountains of San Juan. The zip line course offered by Soaring Tree Top Adventures lasts for thrilling 5 hours, at a maximum height of 1,400 feet, as you soar over the beautiful forests in the San Juan valley, which is surrounded by exquisite San Juan Mountains. This zip line tour highly recommended for tourists who love sightseeing. The zip line tour offered by Soaring Tree Top Adventures is one of the longest and most stable zip line tours across the United States. The total price of a first-class tour including a special lunch, and premium transportation services is $429 per person.

Lost Canyon Zip Line Tour by Captain Zipline

Captain Zipline is located in situated at Salida, Colorado. It is at 2.5 hours of driving distance from Denver in south-west direction, and 35 minutes of driving distance from Royal Gorge region in west direction. The Lost Canyon zip line tour offered by Captain Zipline is another one of the best zip line tours across the United States. Experience the views of the Wild West as you glide above the rocky mountains of Colorado at dashing velocity of up to 40mph. The zip line tour enables you to fly 100 to 200 feet above the ground level. On the hikes from one zip line to another, the visitors get a chance to gaze at many historical landmarks of the Western region of Colorado. Moreover, the visitors get a chance to look at the 14,000 ft. high peaks of mountains from the zip line platforms. The Eagle’s Nest Deck is the highest point of the Lost Canyon Zip Line tour at a height of 500 ft. above the sea level. The Lost Canyon Zip Line tour is priced at a highly affordable price of $89 per person. Considering the affordable price and the remarkable adventure, the Lost Canyon zip line tour is a very wise choice if you want to have an enchanting experience.

The Canopy Tour by Spring Mountain Adventures

The Spring Mountain Adventures operates in the town of Schwenksville in Pennsylvania. It offers one of the best canopy tours in the United States. The canopy tour by Spring Mountain Adventures is quite rough as compared to some of the other zip line tours. The visitors are taken to the top of the Spring Mountain by means of a chair lift, and the visitors have to hike to the starting platform of the first zip line from there. The visitors are then strapped for traversing through a series of four zip lines. Spring Mountain Adventures promises to provide the visitors with a safe and unique experience of descending from the top of the Spring Mountain. The zip line tour offered by Spring Mountain Adventures might not be the longest, but it surely is one of the fastest zip lines in the United States. Moreover, the zip lines of this canopy tour were rebuilt just 3 years ago, so you can rest assured that you are gliding on recently built cables and latest technology, which helps control the acceleration of the zip line for an exceptional experience. However, the canopy tour is unavailable in the winter season due to severe weather conditions of the area. It is one of the most thrilling zip line adventures you can have in the United States.

Treetop Canopy tour by Alpine Adventures

Alpine Adventures Outdoor Recreation organization operates in New Hampshire. It is one of the original and cardinal treetop canopy tours in the New England region of the United States. This place is the best adventure destination in the whole New England, let alone the New Hampshire. The Treetop Canopy Tour by Alpine Adventures combines a series of 6 spectacular zip lines, which range in length from 250 feet to 1000 feet long. Ultimately, visitors get to enjoy a freefall zip line, in which they can gain a velocity of up to 45mph; however, the freefall zip line addon is optional, and it is not recommended for people with weak heart and a strong fear factor. The Treetop Canopy Tour by Alpine Adventures is highly suitable for children and families. The guests get a chance to enjoy a true treetop experience as they slither above the forest and enjoy the beautiful sights of all sorts of trees in the forest. It is your best adventure station in the New England and New Hampshire region. It has been around for over a decade now, and is still visited by a lot of tourists throughout the year. It is one of the most remarkable zip line adventures in the United States.


In this article, we discussed some of the best zip line touring spots in the United States. Zip line adventuring is the most unique outdoor activity for those who wish to experience unique and unparalleled adventures. Zip line tours are not recommended for those who have a weak heart or body. Additionally, zip line tours are great for spending a day or two in the lap of nature and escape from your mechanical lifestyle.

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