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Bird of Prey Bicycle – A New Spin on Bike Riding

Creativity and Innovation. The Bird of Prey Bicycle shows both, with a unique design that gets you low to reduce wind resistance. We talked to the creator of this new bike to learn more…

Bird of Prey Bicycles have re-designed the way bicycles are ridden.  As shown in the photo below, you rest on your hips, elbows, and hands.  You basically are laying down.

Riding like this lets you go faster because on long downhills there is less air resistance.  This riding style also makes it more difficult to go over the handlebars if you stop too quickly.

Bird of Prey Bicycle

Bird of Prey Bicycle

Creator, John Aldridge, made the first sketch of the bicycle in 1992 and the first prototype was made in 2010.  John has a background in architecture, and says architects solve problems so he wanted to solve the wind resistance problem.  So John started looking at a better way to get low on the bike.  After his initial sketches, it took a while before he decided to take it to bicycle builder, and he was almost afraid to show his design.  But Russ Denny, of Hemet CA, said he could build it.

The bike is made in the US.  The aluminum used can only be purchased in Asia.  But the frame is welded together and the bikes are assembled in Carlsbad CA.  John hopes that as this catches on that he can add a Mountain Bike to the Bird of Prey line.

At this time, the bike is having success in some Triathalon events, and is getting a lot of interest from the European market.  And it will be featured this fall on an episode of Machine Impossible.

John rides the bike personally, and competitively, and says his favorite place to ride it is on curvy mountain roads.  This bike was designed with the end goal in mind, not based on what bikes are supposed to be like.  I’m betting that some success in competitive events will really get this design to take off.  If you want one of these bikes, visit the Bird of Prey web site. 

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