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Hitting the Great Outdoors in Florida: Nature Awaits!

Heron in the water in Florida

When we think about a Florida vacation, we often think about the sprawling Disney theme parks that are available. But there is a lot more to Florida then just that and this article is going to outline other top Florida destinations that avid outdoor enthusiasts would love. Instead of spending all day or week on the tarmac, how about we head to North Florida where there are lush national parks to bike or hike in. Or perhaps you would prefer to do some alligator tours and zip lining in Central Florida? No matter where you are headed, there are plenty of outdoor activities for everyone. This includes couples, singles, and large families, so that no matter who is with you, you are bound to have a great time!

South Florida: Wildlife and Alligators!

If you are looking for a tropical climate then you are going to want to head to South Florida, where the ever popular Miami metropolitan area and Florida Keys is present. Basically South Florida offers outdoor enthusiasts plenty of beaches, snorkeling, and surfing to enjoy. However, if you are looking for a little bit of adventure, you are going to want to check out the Everglades. The Everglades and Francis S. Taylor Wildlife Management Area is one of the most remarkable natural landmarks in the south. It has sawgrass marshes, tree islands and an entire ecosystem to itself. The main draw is the excellent fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing. There are options to do some hiking and biking, but most of the great experience comes from viewing the wildlife. There are unpaved roads, viewing towers, boardwalks and plenty of tours to head out on. This includes hopping onto a boat, using field guides, and viewing the wildlife from afar with aids. If this is more your style, then definitely check out the following:

  • Tour of the Glades: A Florida vacation that gets you into the long
    Tourists riding an airboat

    EVERGLADES CITY, FLORIDA: group of tourists riding an airboat.

    grass either on a kayak tour or on an airboat. They take you through mangrove tunnels and you will get to see hundreds of different types of water fowl and alligators. If you’re lucky you will even get to see the alligator ‘dance’.

  • Danger Charters: Danger Charters is a private charter service that offers sunset sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing charters. One of the features of the sunset sailing is that you get great appetizers and wine! Basically you get to pick your adventure, either you get to go out sailing and kayaking, or you choose to fish for the day! All crews are knowledgeable and can help you even if you haven’t done kayaking before! You can choose from a morning and afternoon day cruise, a premium all day excursion or a wind and wine sunset sail!
  • Miami Deep Sea Fishing Charter Therapy IV: Is perfect for any family that loves to fish! Basically you get to sit back, wind down and enjoy an entire day with a knowledgeable crew that loves to fish and catch large water creatures, yes this means you may even accidentally catch a shark – it’s been known to happen. It is an all ages friendly boating experience and it is also educational as you will learn about shipwrecks and more! You can opt in for a half day trip or a full day trip.
  • Dreamlander Tours: Allows you to recharge your batteries on beautiful Marco Island where you get to go on an eco-educational tour. It is a small family operated business that allows you to get a close up of the wildlife in the area. Not only will you get to see dolphins but you will get to interact with these majestic creatures as well, right from the boat. What makes Dreamlander tours great is that you get to choose from various types of tours like jet skiing, kayaking or shelling.

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