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Latest Outdoor News – October 19 2015

The latest news and gear from SpikeOutdoors. This issue includes fall walleye fishing tips, an interview with a thru hiker on the Appalachian Trail, reasons to tour the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall, and some information on flea and tick prevention.

Fall Walleye Fishing Tips

When most fisherman are putting away their gear and going hunting, or waiting for ice fishing season, some have found some great fishing in the fall.  Here are some great tips for catching late season walleye.

The Story of an Appalachian Trail Thru Hike, pieonthetrail

Last March, Brit Reddit user pieonthetrail left his cushy job in Finland to go an adventure halfway across the world. With only $6,000 dollars in his pocket to last the entire trip, he booked a flight to Atlanta, Ga.  The Appalachian Trail called to him, and he came.  Read the full story of his thru hike.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a great place to see fall foliage.

The Blue Ridge Parkway, part of the National Park System and located in North Carolina and Virginia, is more than just a 469 mile road — there’s a ton to see and do along the way.Here are 18 reasons to take the Blue Ridge Parkway on your fall foliage tour.

How can you safely protect your pets against fleas and ticks?

As a dog lover, most of you’ve had do deal with fleas and ticks at one time or another.  The area of concern in most cases is the area of your property where your pet roams.  Most of the products designed for killing fleas and ticks are also harmful to the animals.  Same thing for products designed to prevent weeds and insects that kill the grass.  What to do?!!!  Try beneficial nematodes!


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