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Latest Outdoor News – October 2 2015

Read the latest news, and about the latest gear at Spikeoutdoors.com. Lightweight camping gear, truck camping tips, outdoor cooking tips and gear, and an editorial on getting to know people while camping.

Nemo’s Outdoor Gear Is Made For Summer Hiking And Camping

The Apollo is lighter than a 1P tent, but if you’re traveling or sleeping alone, it gives you room to bring your mountain bike or dog(s) inside with you.  See this line of lightweight tarps, sleeping bags, and pads.

Frontier Stove: A Revolution In Outdoor Cooking

Finding perfect camping tools and accessories can be quite a task if you think about it. Frontier has the right solution for you when it comes to high quality portable Log Burner.  See details on the Frontier Stove.


4 Tips for Truck Bed camping

During the peak of hunting season, you’ll probably feel like you’re living out of your truck. Of course, if you have a weatherproof topper on your ride, you really can live in the truck.   Check out these tips for truck bed camping.


The Intimacy of Camping

Anyone who has ever been tent camping, or camping in a state park, can relate to this.  I found this entertaining editorial about the Intimacy of camping.


Camping tips from the chef

Surviving a weekend in the wild without relying on just peanut butter and jelly requires a bit of preparation.  Here’s a look at what to bring and what to eat while you’re off the grid.

No more bulky camping gear!

All-in-one tent inspired by spacesuits combines insulated shelter with a sleeping bag and mat.  Read more…


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