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Port Aransas Texas – Outdoor Adventure Guide

Port Aransas TX

When searching for a great place for your outdoor adventure weekend, you need to check out Port Aransas, Texas. Port A is a scenic island off the southern Texas Gulf Coast, a short drive from Corpus Christi.

Port Aransas TX

When searching for a great place for an outdoor adventure weekend, easy to get to and a bit off the beaten path, you need to check out Port Aransas, Texas.  Port Aransas is an island off the southern Texas Gulf Coast that is just a short drive from the Corpus Christi, Texas airport, with major airline service. Then a short 30 minute drive and ferry ride to the island.

The locals refer to it as “Port A.” If you want to try your hand at fishing and I mean real fishing then Port A is your spot. You will find a large fleet of sport fishing boats and captains who can get you into the best Marlin fishing anywhere in the world.  Marlins fight like no other fish. With weights of several hundred pounds these athletes of the seas put up a real fight. Other sport fish species available in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico are world class fighters as well.

After a day of sport fishing you can come in and find any number of local bistro’s that will cook your days catch for you and serve it fresh off the grill.

If the deep waters of the Gulf don’t appeal to you, fishing off the jetties or surf fishing is some of the finest fishing in Texas.

Another gem about Port A is birding. Birders from all over the world consider the Texas Gulf Coast a must see. With over three quarters of the entire species of birds in North America making their way through the Texas Gulf coast at some point in time. That makes this a birders “Everest”.

Camping on the beach is permitted. Campfires are also permitted on the beaches. Many areas offer public showers and bathrooms for campers. The island has plenty of weekend places to stay, including camping. Rent golf cart style cars for exploring.

Dolphin watching tours, drift fishing, jet skis, you can find plenty to do while in Port Aransas. Camping or hotel stays you won’t be disappointed with all the fun outdoor activities to be found in Port A. Lot’s more to see with the National Sea Shore National Park, home of the Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle an endangered turtle species that scientists and local groups are working hard to restore.

Port Aransas, Texas a fun place for a short weekend getaway!

photo credit: 504. We and our Shadows via photopin (license)

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