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Repeat Photography Shows Major Changes to Glaciers

Chaney Glacier USGS 2005

The Repeat Photo Project shows a number of the glaciers in Glacier National Park, Montana, in a series of photos taken from the same spots as historical photos. The pace of the ice melt off is increasing, with the average temperature in the high country rising faster than the average temperatures globally. The photos in the USGS library show the drastic changes in these glaciers due to the changing climate.

Chaney Glacier USGS 2005

The video below, published by National Geographic, shows the research they have been doing in Glacier National Park, documenting the extent of change in the glaciers.  The glaciers are melting away at a very rapid pace.



The repeat photo project photo library documents glaciers in Glacier National Park, taking photos from the same spots that historical photos were taken, and repeating over time to see the changes.  They are now taking photos at regular intervals, to keep up with the increased pace of the melt.  At the same time, they are using other means to document the changes, and measure the glacial melt.

The receding Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park

Grinnell Glacier photos between 1938 and 2013


Grinnell Glacier Overlook 1910 and 2013

Grinnell Glacier Overlook along the Continental Divide

Click on the photos above, and see more of the USGS library, documenting these changes.  By 2030, if the current rate of change persists, it is estimated that Glacier National Park in Montana will have no more glaciers.

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